Justin Herbert likes that Brandon Staley is a former college quarterback

Chargers head coach Brandon Staley became a hot candidate this offseason because of his work as the Rams’ defensive coordinator. But one of Staley’s most important tasks in his new job is continuing the development of Justin Herbert.

The quarterback set several rookie passing records en route to being named offensive rookie of the year. And while Herbert still has a lot of respect for the Chargers’ old coaching staff, he said “The Football Jones” podcast that he sees value in Staley being a former college quarterback at Dayton.

“He’s been awesome so far,” Herbert told Mike Jones of USA Today. “He’s a defensive coach, but he’s also played quarterback so he kind of knows both sides of the ball. And whether I want to talk to him about defense or offense, he’s got a great feel for the game. And so I think that’s one of the best aspects of it, is having a coach that has done both. You get him to be able to coach everything.

“I think that’s maybe a big reason of why he’s such a great defensive coach, is he’s been able to see it through a quarterback’s lens. I think that especially helps me as well, being able to go to him and ask questions because there’s no one better to ask.”

There’s still a lot of time for Herbert and Staley to get to know one another before Los Angeles’ first game in September. But developing a strong relationship between head coach and quarterback will be one determining factor in the Chargers’ success.